GRLevel2 is a Windows viewer for live and archived NEXRAD Level II data. Base reflectivity, base velocity, storm relative velocity, and spectrum width sweeps for all radar tilts are available. High speed zooming and panning allows you to quickly focus in on the area of interest. 



Here are reflectivity and velocity screenshots from GRLevel2 of the May 9, 2003 tornado from the Oklahoma City radar (KTLX).



GRLevel2 is free for 21 days after installing. When less than 5 days are left in the free trial period, an initial reminder screen is displayed. 

New users must download and install GRLevel2_setup.exe first. It has the base maps and sets up the registry properly. After installing it, you can download and copy over the latest build of GRLevel2.exe.


GRLevel2 is no longer available for purchase. For viewing Level II data I recommend GR2Analyst. For Level III data viewing I recommend GRLevel3.



GRLevel2 uses your graphics hardware more than most applications. It accesses the hardware through DirectX 9. The latest version of DirectX is available at Microsoft's website:

It's also recommended that you download and install the latest drivers for your video card. 

Common problems running GRLevel2 are:

Go to the GRLevel2 trial support forums for help using the trial version.


Minimum System Requirements