GR2Analyst Version 1

GR2Analyst is an advanced Nexrad Level II analysis application. It features a high quality volumetric display and several high resolution reflectivity-derived graphical products in addition to the standard Level II data products.


Volumetric Display

GR2Analyst's volume rendering engine produces high quality semi-transparent and isosurface 3D displays for any of the base Level II data products (reflectivity, velocity, storm relative velocity, and spectrum width):

May 3, 1999 Moore tornado

With this unprecedented visualization capability, you will see storm structures develop and be able to predict when and where severe weather will impact the ground. 


Using the Volume Renderer


High Resolution Derived Products

GR2Analyst derives five 2D products from the Level II volume reflectivity: Echo Tops, VIL, VILD, POSH, and MEHS. All are displayed on a high resolution radial grid (1km x 1 x 230km with 256 data levels):

High Resolution Echo Tops

In Live mode, each derived product updates as new tilts are received, keeping you informed even in rapidly changing severe weather events.




GR2Analyst 1.0 is available for a 21 day trial period. The trial version is fully functional. Click on the link below to install it on your computer.

GR2Analyst Setup (8.5MB)

Your graphics hardware must support Shader Model 2.0. GR2Analyst will not run without that support. See below for more system requirements information.



GR2Analyst Version 1 is no longer available for purchase. Please see the page for GR2Analyst Version 2.


System Requirements

GR2Analyst has significant system requirements:

With the exception of the volume renderer, most shader model 2.0 video cards will be sufficient to run GR2Analyst. The volume renderer is both CPU and GPU intensive. Recommended requirements for the volume renderer: